Homemade Burgers

Haute Fastfood

Flo & Alexis combine their passions for haute fastfood, yummy drinks & crazy rollercoasters in a cozy setting. The food we make is made with the freshest ingredients for pleasing anybody’s taste buds, from big meat lover till vegan!
We cut our fries every morning by hand which you can dip in our Homemade sauce for the extra taste. Come and taste our magic!
Eat in or take out? For the full Flooh’s expercience we recommend to eat your Haute fastfood at our instagramble restaurant. Of course you can always enjoy our tastiness via take-out! Order via +32471734533

What's on the Menu?

Unleash your inner Burger Master

Order your gourmetkit for the ultimate Flooh’s experience at home! We created several kits with a few of our best selling burgers in mini version. Just like in our restaurant the kits are put together with the most fresh ingredients. Discover and order them now! 

Cosy At Home?


Opening hours

woe & don | 12u – 14u & 18u -21u30
vrij | 12u – 14u & 18u – 22u30
zat | 18u – 22u30
zon | 18u – 21u

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